Race Day Timetable

Below is an approximate timetable of a typical race day at the club at which racers drive in four qualifying heats and three finals for each race class entered. Depending on driver numbers, race days usually finish between 3:00PM and 4:00PM.

08:30Gates open: Drivers arrive and set-up their pitting equipment, tables and chairs. A covered pitting area is available as well as space for gazebos. The pitting area has power points for battery charging only (no kettles please!).
08:30 – 08:40Track preparation: All hands on deck as club officials and volunteer drivers prepare the track for use, clearing leaves or water from the track as required.
08:40 – 09:10Practice session: Provided track preparation is complete the track opens for free practice with marshal support provided by volunteers which should include all those practicing.
08:40 – 09:10Booking in: Drivers book in and pay race fees. Subject to numbers, drivers are sorted into 4-8 qualifying heat groups of 5-10 cars based on model type and driver ability. On occasion, qualifying heat groups will comprise cars of more than one model type if fewer than five cars of a particular type are available.
09:15-09:25Drivers briefing: Drivers congregate on the track where a club official briefs them on site facilities, safety guidelines, marshalling responsibilities and driving etiquette.
09:30-13:30 (est.)Heat qualifiers: Four rounds of timed qualifying heats of 5 minutes duration with 3 minute intervals between heats. All drivers are expected to marshall the track for the heat that immediately follows their own.
13:30 – 14:00 (est.)Break: Timing and length of this break is approximate and will depend on the number of heats. The track will usually be open for practice during this time.
14:00-16:00 (est.)Final races: Drivers compete against each other in 5 minute races with race heat and grid places determined by their best two qualifying rounds. There are usually three rounds of finals with overall winners determined from the combined positions in the races. Any tie breaks are decided by best race times.