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Quick question peeps
Does this pic of my diff look right??
Has sombody filled it with grease or is it likely to be old oil.
I didn't think diff oil went black.
I could well be wrong....
I have had the buggy about 18 MTHS and I have had it apart and it was second hand when I bought it.
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Can someone please tell me where the best shop to go for arc shop
It’s for my son age 11 who wants to get into this sport
Obviously I don’t want a toy model but also don’t want to re mortgage 😂 just a good quick starter car /4x4
If anyone can point me in a good direction
Cheers Kev
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Quick question for the B6.1 guys, what damper oil are you running? ... See MoreSee Less

So we going to cancel tomorrow meeting as weather is deciding it don't want us racing sorry guys and gals it's for the best I know I was hopeful it wouldn't be that bad for us roll on the next meeting and we will decide how we will play this out as only have 3 meetings left ... See MoreSee Less

I think its a reasonable assumption at this point that sunday is a no go sadly. WIll keep an eye on the weather anyway. ... See MoreSee Less