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Located a couple of miles north east of Swindon, SRCORC is a purpose built off-road astroturf race track facility for radio controlled model cars. You can find us on Google Maps here.

What models do we race?

At Championship events we race 1/10th scale electric buggies (2WD and 4WD), stadium trucks and short course trucks. Currently, the most popular race class is 2WD buggy which look like this.

Team Associated B6.4D

What’s required to drive on the track?

Anyone of any age or ability can safely take part in this sport provided they have the right equipment. In order to race or practice at our track you will need:

  • A 1/10th scale radio controlled off-road buggy or truck powered by a 540 size motor
  • Two cell (2S) hard case LiPo battery pack, charger and safety charging sack (NiMH batteries are also allowed)
  • A transponder which can be detected by the lap counting system
  • A portable table for your pitting area

While they are the most competitive, models do not have to be proper racing kit versions used by serious racers. Lower cost “Ready to Run” RC models are allowed on the track provided they are no larger than 1/10 scale and use suitable batteries and motors. In the right hands, some of these can even be quite competitive if tuned appropriately and fitted with racing tyres.

When is the track open for racing and practice?

Championship race events are ran every other Sunday throughout the year, the dates for which can be found in Event Calendar. Some of these will be subject to change and we suggest you join our Facebook Group to receive live updates of all future race events, practice sessions and other activities.